Some of the best Autumn nights happen when you trade in the city lights for a weekend spent camping in the great outdoors. Nothing is better for clearing your head and getting away from the stresses of everyday life than completely unplugging and spending time around the bonfire.

No matter how intriguing the thought of escaping into the wilderness for some much-needed tranquillity is, the preparation for your weekend getaway can easily make your quick vacay feel like another job. We're making it easy for you with a list of camping essentials to help you not only survive but thrive in the wild.

Vest to wear camping

What To Wear

It's time to get back to basics and be comfortably dressed. During the day, a simple crewneck with a pair of cargo shorts is the perfect pairing for all of your outdoor adventures. Accessorizing your outfit with a baseball hat will pull your look together. For cooler nighttime weather, you'll want to pack a pair of classic jeans and a vest. Carrying a trusty flannel or this warm shirt jacket will always keep you warm at any time. For getting comfy in your sleeping bag, layer up with some sweatpants and a warm pullover.

Pro tip: It's best to be prepared for all kinds of weather because your local weatherman doesn't always get it right. Make sure to pack an extra sweater for chilly nights, or even a rainjacket just in case a sudden storm creeps up on you.

Dress comfortably when going camping

What's Inside Your Bag? Camping Edition.

When it comes to camping, keeping your things in a bag (or two) can make your travels a lot easier. Large enough to be an overnight bag but also sleek enough to be a day bag, find a bag that is both functional and comfortable to wear.

Must-have gear to add to your sack:

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Bug Repellent and sunscreen
  • Flashlight
  • GPS
Camping tent in the California forest

Making A Tent Your Home

Although you'll probably be spending more time exploring the great outdoors than sitting inside your tent, having a comfortable place to relax in at the end of the night is crucial. Having a tent that is large enough to comfortably sleep four people or cozy enough for just one will definitely do the trick. Inside your tent, you'll want a warm (but not too hot for summer nights) sleeping bag to crawl into, so be sure to find a happy medium for a good night's rest.

So grab your gear, nature is calling.
PS: Soak up some extra fresh air for us.