Collection: Kenton Michael

This collection features materials sourced globally, combined with their signature sterling, leather, beading, design, and craftsmanship to create unique men's accessories, all handmade in California. Kenton Michael don't mass-produce their sterling silver components; each is handcrafted from raw sterling wire or sheet, ensuring no two pieces are identical. Their leather straps, made from two types of leather and waxed cotton, are detailed and uniquely crafted. They hand-braid non-machine leather bracelets and meticulously source beads, often unique and handmade from around the world. This careful process ensures designs are exclusive to Kenton Michael.

Kenton Michael

Kenton Michael Vinyl Disc Bracelet
Kenton Michael Gemstone Bead Bracelet


  • Grey Labradorite
  • Red Sea Sediment
  • Blue Lapis
Kenton Michael Bead Bracelet


  • Silver/Black
Kenton Michael Bracelet


  • Aqua Terra Stone
  • Turquoise
Kenton Michael Skull Bracelet
Sold Out
Kenton Michael Skull Bracelet


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Tigereye