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Men’s Clothing Brands

It would be a bit of an understatement to say there are plenty of mens clothing brands out there. At Patrick James, we're a bit biased. We offer comfortable, high-quality clothing at very competitive prices. We also know, however, that most men don't wear just one brand all the time. That's why, at Patrick James, we have brought together a collection of mens clothing brands that we feel also offer high degree of satisfaction to our customers. We encourage you to browse all of our mens clothing brands to find just the right items for you.

Most Popular Mens Clothing Brands

While we carry dozens of top quality mens clothing brands, certain brands are inevitably going to become the most popular. Seasonality sometimes affects which brands are most popular and when, but over the years, the following brands have maintained their popularity.

Robert Graham

Year in and year out, Robert Graham continues to be one of the top selling brands at Patrick James. In particular, Robert Graham shirts are especially popular.


Tommy Bahama

Whether it's Tommy Bahama shorts, jeans, or long sleeve shirts, our customers have an affinity for all things Tommy Bahama, with the whole line selling well at all times of the year.


True Grit

What do you get when you combine European quality fabrics with traditional, rugged Americana styling? You get True Grit shirts, pants, jackets and more.

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Tori Richard

Based in Hawaii, Tori Richard shirts, shorts and swim trunk are designed to bring together comfortable fabrics and island-inspired print. When every day feels like vacation, Tori Richard is what you wear.

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34 Heritage

Based on a foundation of confidence, courage and charisma, every pair of 34 Heritage jeans is built to live up to those ideals. When you are ready for a better class of blue jeans, 34 Heritage is a natural choice.

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Remy Leather

One of the true classics carried at Patrick James, Remy Leather has created USA-made leather jackets, vests and other attire for more than 40 years. Remy Leather creates leather goods with a focus on styling, superb fit and impeccable detailing. Just one look and you'll agree.

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At Patrick James, we strive to offer the best mens clothing brands at fair prices. We invite you to browse our entire selection of designer clothing. If you have any questions about the brands we carry, please feel free to contact us. Our commitment to deliver the best mens clothing brands is only surpassed by our commitment to customer service.