Chef Jimmy Pardini is a born-and-bred Fresnan from a strong Italian background, with deep roots in the food industry. This restaurateur and father of two brings his style in the kitchen to his daily life, and it’s safe to say that both are in good taste.

Jimmy Pardini wears Patrick James at the Annex Kitchen

At The Annex Kitchen in Fresno, Jimmy takes on Italian cuisine with Central California ingredients, complete with a full bar and private dining. In the kitchen, Pardini’s daily go-to is "jeans and a t-shirt," but he isn’t afraid to dress it up outside of the restaurant - and that goes beyond just losing the apron.

We sat down with Chef Jimmy Pardini to get an inside look at how this restaurateur and father of two lives and dresses on his busy days.

Jimmy Pardini of Fresno with drink

What did you study in school, and did you always know that you wanted to be a chef?

I studied Business and Italian. Upon entering college I didn't know what I wanted to do, but my study abroad semester in Florence inspired me to learn how to cook Italian food. I then started as a prep cook at Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles.

How did the concept of the Annex come about, and what has been a defining moment for the restaurant?

The concept of Annex is and was rooted in the idea of handmade Italian-inspired cooking in a relaxed and welcoming environment, but with a refined style of service. It is the day-to-day efforts carried out by our passionate and dedicated team that define what we have become.

Sport coat and cocktail

What are your favorite brands at Patrick James?

I usually steer towards Peter Millar and Robert Graham.

Why do you shop at Patrick James?

Their selection of sport coats can’t be beat.

Jimmy Pardini in front of pizza oven

Keeping things simple and timeless, and staying true to his style, Jimmy opts for a classic blue sport coat, a natural dress shirt, and neutral slacks. The finishing touch? His wedding ring. "I never leave home without it," he says.

From epic cuisine to classic attire, Jimmy Pardini is a true Master of Style.

Jimmy Pardini in sport shirt