Dr. Edgar Macias of Macias Dermatology studied medicine across the country, but when it came time to put his studies to work, he came back to his Fresno roots. Now eight years later, Dr. Macias is one of the city's leading dermatologists.

Dr. Edgar Macias of Macias Dermatology in lab coat

Under his doctor's coat, Dr. Macias often keeps it simple in all-black attire to match his company's sleek branding. But it's not all work for Dr. Macias - when spending time outside with his pup Zoey, or on the golf course in Carmel, he likes to stay comfortable in Patrick James's Barbour Maesbury Quilt Jacket and his Cole Haan Original Grand Stitchlight Oxfords. Whether it be for work or play, you can always count on this Master of Style to wear his colored shoelaces which he says, "add a fashion spark to any style shoes, new or old."

Dr Macias in quilted jacket in front of skin products

We sat down with Dr. Macias to learn more about his practice, and his style.

What inspired you to start your own practice?

I was presented with an amazing opportunity to take over a thriving practice from my high school dermatologist who was retiring. While most of my graduating colleagues were looking to join a practice as employees, I had an ambitious vision to create a branded dermatological experience that provided patients with the best experience at a doctor's office, where they felt distinguished and well-cared for from the moment they checked in to the moment they left. It has been a difficult, but amazing eight-year journey filled with many blessings - I strive every day to continue to make Macias Dermatology a safe, comforting, convenient, and beautiful place to feel welcomed and cared for.

Why Fresno?

I grew up in Fresno, and my family lives here. I'm glad that I had big-city life experiences, having previously lived in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, and New York - but my roots are in Fresno. It's the city that raised me and provided me with many blessings. Its extremely gratifying to provide care for this community.

Edgar Macias in Patrick James clothing

Why do you shop at Patrick James?

Shopping at Patrick James is an experience. The store's interior design is elegant, yet comfortable. The merchandise layout is straight-forward and easy to navigate. Their sales staff are very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. The in-store tailoring is prompt and well-customized. They really understand men's fashion and evolve with the current styles, brands, and accessories.

Any favorite brands at Patrick James?

My go-to choices at Patrick James are Bugatchi Uomo, Peter Millar, Robert Graham, and the Patrick James Reserve label.

Dr. Macias in sport coat in his office

Dr. Macias can be seen wearing monochromatic tones - sport jackets in blue and grey hues, flexible yet formal slacks, while always sticking with oxfords for his on-the-go lifestyle. With or without the white coat, Dr. Macias has mastered the mix of form and function.