Business casual attire can be a bit of a gray area. Tie, or no tie? Jacket, or no jacket? Dress pants, or jeans? We're breaking down this age-old debate for you, and providing three never-fail looks for you to sport during those business casual work days.

Man in windowpane jacket with floral sport shirt

Making the Suit Casual

With its versatile ability to be dressed up or down, a suit jacket is essential to every look. When going for a laid-back version, mix things up by pairing together different patterns, while staying in the same color scheme. This neutral jacket, paired with a warmly patterned shirt, is the perfect fit.

Man wearing gray sport coat gray turtleneck gray pants

Feeling Monochromatic

Staying within a few levels of the same tone and shades dresses up any outfit - your peers will be impressed, and the look is effortless. The ideal balance of dressy and casual, pair any sophisticated turtleneck (Jobs knew what he was doing) with cotton, khaki, or wool dress pants and top with a jacket to meet business-casual standards.

Man in cardigan and scarf

Warming Up

With the weather truly cooling down, it's best to bundle up while still looking polished. Knits such as sweaters and cardigans definitely make the cut in the dress code, as long as they're styled correctly to dress up a little bit. By layering a knit blazer and accessorizing with this patterned scarf, you'll look well put-together for whatever the day brings.

So if you're heading to a lunch meeting, taking a client out for coffee, or gearing up for the interview for your next career move, these outfits have your business casual occasions covered.