James Dean was the undeniable style icon for youth rebellion in the 1950's. His simple, effortless, and masculine look has inspired gentlemen for generations and continues to do so today. Dean's everyday outfit consisted of high top sneakers, navy denim jeans, and a white t-shirt. Occasionally the Rebel Without a Cause would throw on a lightweight windbreaker, but for the most part he stuck to the "working man" basics and created a unique and effortless style. If you are looking to capture this signature style, we are breaking down the essentials of how to get the James Dean look.

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Back to Basics

James Dean is famous for cool and casual style, proven by his everyday choice of a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans. This was occasionally dressed up with a leather jacket and sunglasses, but for the most part, simple and classic basics were Dean's go-to.

To get the look: Start with a plain white tee and navy wash jeans. If you want to be more dressed up, try out a black polo shirt and navy pants. When in doubt, you can always throw on our Patrick James Lambskin Brando Lambskin Bomber Jacket to complete the look.

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Kick it old school

When it came to footwear, James was always seen in a pair of sneakers or boots. Throwing on a pair of casual kicks is the perfect way to dress down an otherwise formal outfit, like a polo and chinos, and bring a more laid-back vibe to the look. Boots on the other hand are a great way to bring on the rebel aesthetic. Adding a black-leather pair to any outfit is guaranteed to make you an instant edge.

To get the look: Any kind of neutral sneakers will do. For boots, this lace-up leather pair gives the ideal Dean look.


Carefree and cool - that was his way. Sometimes worrying too much about how we look can make us a little stuffy. Whatever you've got on, wear it with confidence.

James Dean