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Leather jackets and suede jackets are among the most flexible pieces of outerwear a man can have. With designs ranging from clean cut lines handed down from a European tradition to more rugged and worn looks normally associated with American design, leather jackets, in particular, speak to all personalities. At Patrick James, we carry a fine selection of men's designer leather jackets and suede jackets for a variety of situations and styles. Browse our collection now.

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Smooth Lambskin Jacket
  • Colors
$495.00 $297.00
NO. 14121
Leather Lambskin Bomber Jacket
  • Colors
$845.00 $507.00
NO. 14058
Moto Leather Bomber Jacket
  • Colors
$465.00 $325.50
NO. 12101
Apres Ski Vest
  • Colors
$1,198.00 $479.20
NO. 12893
Quilted Goatskin Vest
  • Colors
$385.00 $269.50
NO. 14001
Ranger Leather Field Jacket
  • Colors
$995.00 $696.50
NO. 14060
Fairbanks Leather Vest
  • Colors
$698.00 $488.60
NO. 13969
Reversible Lamb Suede Quilted Vest
  • Colors
$695.00 $486.50
NO. 14059
Hybrid Blazer
  • Colors
$1,495.00 $1,046.50
NO. 13050
Detachable Hood Leather Jacket
  • Colors
$548.00 $383.60
NO. 14070
Brando Lambskin Bomber Jacket
  • Colors
$898.00 $628.60
NO. 13961
Vintage-Style Leather Vest
  • Colors
$325.00 $162.50
NO. 13011
Leather Puffer Jacket
  • Colors
$1,350.00 $540.00
NO. 11915
Hampstead Suede Safari Jacket
  • Colors
$2,298.00 $1,149.00
NO. 12892
Lamb Suede Alpine Field Coat
  • Colors
$895.00 $626.50
NO. 14062
Reversible Bomber Jacket
  • Colors
$895.00 $358.00
NO. 11914
Suede Bomber
  • Colors
$795.00 $397.50
NO. 13461
Quilted Leather Vest
  • Colors
$385.00 $269.50
NO. 13010
Lambskin Leather Bomber
  • Colors
$795.00 $318.00
NO. 13042
Three-Quarter Length Jacket
  • Colors
NO. 13051
Double-Collar Leather Jacket
  • Colors
NO. 14091
Microsuede Roosevelt Jacket
  • Colors
NO. 90015
Rustic Blouson Jacket
  • Colors
NO. 13049
28 Products | View All | 1 2
Peter Millar Clothing

Quality Mens Designer Leather Jackets

The beauty of leather jackets is that, throughout history, they have been designed by artisans who know the unique properties of leather and use those properties to create wearable works of art. Over time, designs have grown to incorporate regional influence to create even more variety to match one's specific tastes. Let's take a look at some of the more popular brands of mens designer leather jackets, namely: Remy Leather, Robert Graham, Patrick James and True Grit.

  • Remy Leather: Bringing together elements of European design with American craftsmanship is Remy Leather. Founded by Hungarian, Zoltan Remeny, the brand has thrived in America since 1971 based on the commitment to styling, superior fit and unmatched attention to detail.
  • Robert Graham: As one of the most popular mens clothing brands at, Robert Graham leather jackets are a perfect example of an American luxury brand done right. Simple design accentuated by clean lines and meticulous detail.
  • Patrick James: When you carry as many high-quality brands as we do at, your own line better be able to rise to that standard. One look at Patrick James mens leather designer jackets and you will see how our commitment to delivering the best is in every product we offer, especially when our name is on the tag.
  • True Grit: Born from the idea of combining European quality fabrics with a hardened sense of American style, True Grit has really solidified its place among mens clothing brands. That identity shines through in their mens designer leather jackets as well.

Whether you are looking for rugged and worn or clean and sleek, carries a wide assortment of mens designer leather jackets and suede jackets to fit your style. As always, if you have any questions about jackets or any other product we carry at, please contact us and let our expertise help.