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Since the Robert Graham clothing line launched in 2001, it has become a worldwide phenomenon. Defining the style known as American Eclectic, this Venice Beach based designer clothing brand offers full clothing lines for men and women alike. The men's line is defined by tailored looks, premium denim, and distinct patterns. At, we carry a full line of Robert Graham men's shirts, pants, accessories and more that offer you a distinguished look for any occasion. Browse our selection today.

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Art Amour Sweater
  • Colors
NO. 14799
Blue Downhill XII Coat
  • Colors
NO. 14785
Hanson Jeans
  • Colors
NO. 14783
Rodin Zip Cardigan
  • Colors
NO. 14797
Bird Studio Shirt
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NO. 14782
Blended Stripe Socks
  • Colors
NO. 14883
Suede Downhill XIII Coat
  • Colors
NO. 14788
Gerais Cardigan
  • Colors
NO. 14798
Smirke Corduroy Sport Coat
  • Colors
NO. 14784
212 Products | View All | 1 2 3 4 5
Robert Graham Clothing

Quick Start Guide to Robert Graham Men's Shirts

Finding the right clothing for you is about more than just fit. Your clothes should be an expression of your personality. To that end, you'll want to take into consideration a number of different facts, including: fit and cut, fabric, pattern and color, and situation. Our collection of Robert Graham shirts encompasses all these elements— so much so that we are going to look at each in a little more detail.

  • Fit and Cut: The main consideration behind choosing the right fit or cut comes from knowing your body type. Even if slim fit shirts are the shirt du jour, when your body is not made for a slim fit shirt, wearing one will not offer you the same look someone with a different body type is getting from it. The same goes for Euro cut shirts. Knowing your body type is the first step in finding the right fit for you.
  • Fabric: Different fabrics feel different, wear different, require different care, and can be more or less suited to different environments. Wool is not linen. Cotton is not corduroy. If you know your fabrics, you can get one step closer to getting the right shirts for you.
  • Pattern and Color: Many factors go into picking the right pattern or color. For instance, certain skin tones are better complemented by certain colors. Certain body types are better complemented by certain patterns. As a simple example, if you are a bigger guy, picking a shirt with a bigger pattern on it will complement your body type. If you are a smaller guy, go with the smaller patterns to maintain proportion to your body type.

While these pointers are aimed at help you find the best Robert Graham men's shirt for you, it also holds true for more than just shirts. It can be tempting to buy something just because of the way it looks. Anticipating how it will look on you, however, is the secret to dressing well.