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Remy Leather Clothing

Remy Leather Jackets: A Tradition of Quality

Leatherworking is a process that relies more on attention to detail than almost any other type of apparel creation. While there are many steps in the process, we are going to take a look at a few that really speak to the Remy commitment to quality, namely: quality of materials; matching; fusing and finishing.

  • Quality of Materials: As with anything, your final product is only as good as the materials with which you start. Remy Leather begins its process by only choosing from the top 10 percent of the skins available in the world. This same level of particularity also extends to the cashmere they choose for jacket linings.
  • Matching: Because leather jackets are comprised of several different pieces of leather, matching the right pieces is an art in itself. The keenest eye is needed to match color, grain texture and thickness so that the entire leather jacket looks and feels as if it is one skin.
  • Fusing: Bringing together different pieces of leather is known as fusing. This means every cuff and curve needs to be assembled in a way that prevents bulges and puckering, which can look unnatural and feel uncomfortable. For that reason, Remy fuses every single curved piece by hand to ensure superior quality.
  • Finishing: Whereas some purveyors of leather goods only press the cuffs and collars, Remy Leather presses the entire jacket for maximum appeal. After which, buttons and snaps are added to ensure a proper alignment that is the finishing touch, so to speak.

Today, Remy Leather remains a family run business to ensure Zoltan Remeny's vision of what leather jackets could be when held to the highest standards of quality and construction. If you have any questions regarding Remy leather jackets, feel free to contact us today. At PatrickJames.com, our commitment to high-quality luxury clothing is only surpassed by our commitment to customer service.