So, your new fling has invited you home for the holidays. While you may have won her over with your look on date nights or weekend getaways, this is a whole new ballgame. Lucky for you, we have some tips for coming home for the holidays.

An Afternoon in the Outdoors

Break the ice during your first day outings. Whether you're spending the afternoon in the city or soaking in some fresh air, do it all in the Peter Millar Denim Shirt. Pair it with the Peter Millar Reversible Quilted Vest, or top it off with the Robert Graham Wilkes Velvet Sport Coat. Stick to your trusty denim, and tie things up with the Trask Lawrence Boots. Trust us.

Reserve Long Sleeve Plaid Sport Shirt for  men

Trimming the Tree

It's time for the finishing touches before the cousins come over - layer up with the Patrick James Reserve Dunsdale Plaid Shirt and Patrick James Lambswool crew (the ideal look for the iconic holiday season photo), and play it cool with a distressed lambskin jacket.

Patrick James Washed Lambskin Blouson Jacket

The Night Before

While her family might convince you to don a matching pajama set, top it with a True Grit Buffalo Check Jacket for an evening stroll before Kris Kringle visits. You'll stay warm and comfortable, while still having it all together for the family. It's the best of both worlds.

A Holiday Affair

By now, if you haven't won them over, then the Robert Graham Yardley Herringbone shirt and the Robert Graham Wilkes Velvet Sport Coat definitely will. This is a more classic yet seasonal pairing that will not only show that you have great taste in dates, but also, in menswear.

For an extra bonus, gift any of these items or a Patrick James gift card to the patriarch of the family. We've all been there - so it's time to put your best foot forward.