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Dalton Plaid Overshirt
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Plaid Sport Shirts, a core wardrobe item made better by Robert Graham

For ages, plaid shirts were simple, earth-tone affairs that were a safe choice for just about any gentleman. This approach to clothing design, however, is considerably different from they way Robert Graham approaches design. Robert Graham plaid sport shirts eschews the safe standby approach that has long defined plaid shirts and replaced them with bright colors and daring new designs that bring into question what the definition of plaid really is. To be sure, these Robert Graham plaid shirts are not for everyone, which is exactly how they were intended to be. So, you just have to ask yourself if they are for you. What say you?

Please take a few minutes to take a closer look at each of these Robert Graham plaid shirts in more detail. While you are at it, feel free to look at our full selection of Robert Graham shirts at PatrickJames.com today.