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Peter Millar Performance Apparel is Packed with Superior Benefits

When you’re looking for golf apparel, it’s helpful to understand the performance benefits in relation to your personal preferences. The Peter Millar Performance Collection is technically driven for maximum mobility, comfort and moisture control. Below, we break down the highlights of the top four benefits.

  • Great mobility: As a golfer, you know how critical it is to move without feeling restricted (or hindering your golf swing). What differentiates Peter Millar performance wear is the 4-way stretch factor. The stretch fibers give you the freedom to comfortably move in any direction while ensuring an excellent fit.
  • Dynamic breathability: Peter Millar believes keeping cool and dry on the hottest of days is not an option, it’s a requirement. This performance apparel is precisely engineered with microfibers that pull moisture away from the skin, allowing airflow to quickly pass through.
  • UV protection: Beating harmful UV rays at their own game takes a winning strategy, right down to your golf shirt. Leave it to Peter Millar performance golf clothing to lead the way with built-in UV sun protection.
  • Odor control: Quick-drying microfibers come equipped with antimicrobial properties to keep odor under control, no matter how hot or humid it gets… another essential benefit in the performance collection from Peter Millar.

At, we want you to be happy with every purchase. When it comes to Peter Millar performance clothing, knowing the specific benefits will ultimately help with your buying decisions. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us; we'd be happy to help.