What to Wear to a Halloween Party When You Aren't Dressing Up

We’re giving you some options this year to look the part without feeling like a trick or treater.

Halloween is around the corner, and it’s not what it used to be. You’re over dressing up for the celebrations, but what does that mean for your attire for the evening? We’re giving you some options this year to look the part without feeling like a trick or treater.

Blue vest

For a Family Party

Your kids are ready to knock on some doors, fully dressed in their princess and superhero attire. The Mrs. gave you the “okay” to dress casual - so what’s your next move?

Since a chilly night of trick-or-treating is ahead of you, we suggest layering up. Start with a neutral thermal, and throw on a chambray button up for extra warmth. When the temps cool, top off the look with a suede vest (bonus: it’s reversible). You can never go wrong with your favorite pair of denim, and a matching belt and boots, and you’ll be ready to hit the street.

Out on the Town

Everyone out and about will probably be in costume, so it’s best to play it cool. In this case, an all-black look is the way to go - besides, if anyone asks, you can come up with basically any movie character and claim it as your own.

Revert to your favorite dark sweater, hooded leather jacket, and finish the look with black pants and black slip-on shoes. You’ll look edgy and mysterious, like any classic costume. Danny Zuko? Batman? The Fonz? Take your pick.

Barbour jacket and scarf outfit

Party Time

If you’re attending a friend’s soiree, keep things true to the season with plaid. Start with this button-up sport shirt, and pair it with the matching gloves and scarf. Break it up with this wool jacket, and a pair of the Reserve Cashmere Touch Jeans. Finish it off with leather boots, and you’ll be set. This is a go-to look for fall, and doubles as an English countryside. Pull!

Holding Down the Fort

Comfort is key when you’re passing out candy from the comfort of your own home - and this cable sweater is a relaxed go-to for spending a night in. Be sure to stock up on the sweets - for door-knockers and yourself - and cue up some classic thrillers to pass the time.


Date Published: October 23, 2019

Tags: What to Wear