The 5 Greatest Tuxedo Moments of All Time

We've put together our list of the top five celebrity tuxedos.

Classic. Timeless. A great tuxedo lasts a lifetime, and every gentleman knows just how to pull it off. If you’re searching for some inspiration for your own black tie look, read on to discover five of the most iconic tuxedo moments of all time.

James Bond in Tuxedo

James Bond

The king of a clean-cut get up, James Bond was never seen in or out of the casino without a stylish tuxedo. Like a true star, the Dr. No star always topped things off with a bow tie.

John F. Kennedy in Tuxedo

John F. Kennedy

President Kennedy’s dignified and noble presence was always on display in a tux at State dinners and beyond. While his signature Omega Ultra Thin Stockdale watch wasn’t always paired with his more formal attire, his classic gold cufflinks were usually in attendance.

Ryan Reynolds in Tuxedo

Ryan Reynolds

The Met Gala is known for high-end fashion, and Ryan Reynolds brought back a classic look in 2014. Midnight blue velvet is a tried and true style, with other stars such as Dwayne Johnson and Michael B. Jordan following suit in recent years.

Donald Glover in Tuxedo

Donald Glover

A pop of color is the perfect way to make a statement, and Donald Glover rocks it in a tasteful way. Sporting a purple hue during the 2017 Emmy Awards, this look served up a regal impression as Glover took home two titles.

Bradley Cooper in Tuxedo

Bradley Cooper

Cooper stuck out at the 2019 Oscars, as he took on the red carpet in a perfectly tailored, sleek tux. We’re always fans of a classic, especially when a cumberbund is done right.

These iconic looks have stood the test of time, and seem to always make their way to any notable event. Let us create a look that will make you stand out - from made-to-measure options, to tuxedo rentals, and everything in between, we’ll dress you like a classic gentleman for any event.

Date Published: December 20, 2019

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