Evan Jaques // Master of Style

Owner of craft beer tasting room Out of the Barrel, Evan Jaques has a mature but laid-back style.

Evan Jaques at Out of the Barrel

The craft beer industry has taken off in recent years, and in California, Evan Jaques could be considered the King of Wheat. Evan has brought his good taste to the California Bay Area and Central Valley in opening a craft tasting room, Out of the Barrel, with selections as tasteful as his style. Now, with wife Melissa, daughter Kyleigh, and a son on the way, we sat down with Evan to get an inside look on the history of this hotspot, his Patrick James selections, and his approach to the industry.

Evan Jaques at Out of the Barrel

How/when did you start in the craft beer industry?

I started Out of the Barrel as a contract sales and marketing company for small craft breweries in 2016. I spent my weekends enjoying the liquid and atmosphere at small craft breweries, and asked them how I could help. As it turned out, my skill set was best applied by getting their name out to restaurants, liquor stores, and taprooms. I had a lot of fun while learning a ton about the business, and exploring what defines great craft beer.

Out of the Barrel hat

Where did the concept of Out of the Barrel stem from?

Originally, I started the company as a side hustle, as a creative outlet from my day job as an electrical contractor. When I decided to make a career change, I took what I learned from my side business and decided to pursue it full time by opening my own taproom in 2018.

Evan Jaques at Out of the Barrel

What is your drink of choice?

Beer...obviously. I’m a beer lover, not a hater, so I enjoy all styles throughout the day and year based upon my mood and environment.

What do you never leave home without?

A beer koozie; can’t let your beer get warm!

Evan Jaques at Out of the Barrel

What is your favorite brand at Patrick James?

My favorite jeans are by AG - they’re extremely comfortable while looking high-quality. I also really like the style of Cole Haan oxfords; they make me feel like a responsible adult that still has some character.

Evan Jaques at Out of the Barrel

Why do you love Patrick James?

Patrick James is able to combine comfortable, stylish clothing with personality. I highly recommend Patrick James to any of my friends who are looking for mature, stylish apparel.

Date Published: August 11, 2020

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