You pride yourself on being a bit of a Dapper Dan. You know your wingtips from your oxfords. You know how to get the perfect dimple in a windsor knot. You also know how a pocket square can add just the perfect panache to your suit. At Patrick James, we carry an assortment of pocket squares for men in a variety of different colors and patterns so you can add your personal touch to any suit. Feel free to peruse our selection of pocket squares today.

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Reversible Pocket Square
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Geometric Pocket Square
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Deco Pocket Square
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Grey Linen Pocket Square
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Pocket Squares for Men: A Primer

If you have not used a pocket square before, you may be a little curious as to what goes into picking the right one. There are a number of factors as play, for sure. You'll want to consider your situations for wearing one. You'll also want to think about what kind of pocket square would accurately represent your sensibilities. There are also fabrics to take into account. All that said, let's take a look at four main areas to explore with regards to pocket squares for men, namely: colors, patterns, fabrics and folds.

  • Colors: You know that red is a power color when it comes to ties, but the same holds true for pocket squares. If you are in a conservative office environment, you may want to stick with darker colors, such as indigo. If the environment is a little more comfortable, feel free to go with lighter colors. Often, pink provides a nice balance to a charcoal suit without coming off as too feminine.

  • Patterns: If you are wearing a solid color, you should go with colors from a palette that complement the color of your suit. If you are wearing a patterned suit, it gets a little more tricky. The rule of thumb, however, is to never wear a pocket square with the same pattern as your suit. Find one that complements it and adds pop.

  • Fabrics: Just a matter of taste, but you should know that pocket squares for men come in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, linen, satin and silk. While silk tends to be the most popular, you can never go wrong with a white linen pocket square.

  • Folds: There is more than one way to fold a pocket square. You can fold it in diagonals so the that it sticks out in a point. You can fold it in right angle for a squared off look. Some gentlemen even fold their pocket squares around a small piece of cardboard for a crisp appearance.

Never underestimate the power of accessories to take a sharp suit to the next level. Pocket squares for men are a particularly tasteful way to take it up a notch. Feel free to browse our selection and if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us. At PatrickJames.com, we are dedicated to customer service, right down to every pocket square we offer.