Among American sports wear brands, True Grit clothing is a bit of an anomaly. Founded in 1990, the goal of True Grit has been to bring together European style quality of materials with the look and feel of outdoorsy Americana. While the pairing might seem odd on paper, the reality is that True Grit has become one of the top names in mens clothing brands by flawlessly executing on this vision. At PatrickJames.com, we proudly carry True Grit clothing as a staple of our luxury menswear collection. We encourage you to browse our True Grit clothing selection today.

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True Grit Luxe Long Sleeve Henley
True Grit Pebble Suede Jacket
True Grit Motorcycle Short Sleeve T-Shirt
True Grit Indian Chief Short Sleeve T-Shirt
True Grit Long Sleeve Waffle Weave Thermal Crewneck Shirt
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True Grit Sueded Soft Sherpa Big Overshirt
True Grit Plaid Cord Long Sleeve Shirt
True Grit Plaid Cord Long Sleeve Shirt
True Grit Plaid Cord Long Sleeve Shirt
True Grit Blanket Plaid Big Long Sleeve Shirt
True Grit Solano Faux Suede Jacket
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True Grit Flurr Quarter-Zip Pullover
True Grit Apres Ski Plaid Shirt Jacket
True Grit Indigo Slub Long Sleeve Henley
True Grit Rocker Blues Long Sleeve Shirt
True Grit Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt
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True Grit Clothing

True Grit Clothing: An American Original

Somewhere in the process of creating quality menswear, many American brands somehow got caught up in "settling". They settled for cheaper materials. They settled for sub-par craftsmanship. They settled in their commitment to the American man. In 1990, however, Bruce and Liz Bennet decided they wouldn't settle for that mindset and introduced True Grit clothing with the goal of creating quality clothing for men and women alike—clothing made of high-quality materials that are meant to last and a level of construction that is ready for whatever adventure you can dream up. Among the more popular pieces of the collection are: shirts, shorts, jackets, and pullovers. Let's look at each in a little more detail.

  • Shirts: Quite simply, you know the feel of a True Grit shirt the moment you put it on. Made from organic knits, each flannel, fleece or corduroy shirt in the collection has a soft brushed feel that exudes comfort, while maintaining a craftsmanship that is tough enough to take whatever you can dish out.
  • Shorts: Whether you are hitting the greens, spending the afternoon hiking or just making your way through the urban jungle, you want shorts that are up for anything. That's why True Grit shorts will be your new favorite shorts. Offering a true fit for maximum comfort, you can wear them anywhere.
  • Jackets: True Grit suede jackets are a thing of beauty. Sporting the rugged outdoorsy appearance that pairs better with flannel than it ever would with silk, True Grit suede jackets also feature a soft velvet lining for comfortable all-day wear.
  • Pullovers: You've been there before. It's too cool for just a flannel, but too warm for a full coat. True Grit offers pullovers in a variety of fabrics to meet your needs, including fleece, micro-fleece, cashmere, terry and more. Stay warm. Stay comfortable. Stay ready for anything.

Striking the perfect balance between luxurious and rugged, every True Grit shirt, pullover, jacket and pair of shorts we carry at PatrickJames.com is aimed at letting you life on your terms and in total comfort. If you have any questions, you can always feel free to contact us. We would love to help.

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