From a small studio in North Carolina, the Peter Millar brand started as a line of cashmere sweaters. Since its debut in 2001, however, the Peter Millar clothing line has grown to encompass a full line of casual and formal wear marked by tasteful, colorful patterns represented across sports shirts and sweaters to outerwear and even shoes. At PatrickJames.com, we carry a fine selection of Peter Millar clothing to meet your every need in American Luxury sportswear.

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Peter Millar Stockholm Full-Zip Waterproof Jacket
Peter Millar Seville Performance Vest
Peter Millar Nubuck Boat Shoes
Peter Millar Cotton Canvas Belt
Peter Millar Sateen Stretch Five Pocket Jeans
Peter Millar Track Stich Leather Belt
Peter Millar Lightweight Packable Half-Zip Windbreaker
Peter Millar Lightweight Fleece Hidden Quarter-Zip Pullover
Peter Millar Performance Stretch Loop Terry Quarter-Zip Pullover
Peter Millar Short Sleeve Performance Stretch Jersey Stripe Polo
Peter Millar Suede Wingtip Shoes
Peter Millar Suede Bit Dress Loafer Shoes
Peter Millar Long Sleeve Solid Lisle Polo
Peter Millar Short Sleeve Solid Lisle Polo
Peter Millar Short Sleeve Classic Stripe Lisle Polo
Peter Millar Italian Merino Venezia Stripe Quarter-Zip Sweater
Peter Millar Merino Full-Zip Cardigan Sweater
Peter Millar Italian Merino Quarter-Zip Sweater
Peter Millar Long Sleeve Plaid Sport Shirt
Peter Millar Long Sleeve Stripe Sport Shirt
Peter Millar Long Sleeve Nanoluxe Mini-Check Sport Shirt
Peter Millar Long Sleeve Windowpane Plaid Sport Shirt
Peter Millar Quarter-Zip Silk Wool Sweater
Peter Millar Linen Cotton Soft Coat
Peter Millar Short Sleeve Stretch Jersey Microfiber Polo
Peter Millar Flat Front Durham High Drape Performance Pants
Peter Millar Flat Front Salem Performance Shorts
Peter Millar Quarter-Zip Merino Wool Sweater Vest
47 Products | View All | 1 2
Peter Millar Clothing

Peter Millar Clothing is All About the Fabrics

It's a crowded field it comes to mens clothing brands—and it gets more crowded every day. To survive, you really have to differentiate yourself in a very particular way, be it patterns, unique designs or any number of other ways. When you talk of Peter Millar clothing, it is very clear that the brand is defined first by its dedication to the finest materials and fabrics. Some of the more notable materials include: cashmere, Nanoluxe, fleece and suede. Let's take a moment to go over each in a little more detail.

  • Cashmere: You can't talk about Peter Millar clothing without talking about cashmere sweaters. When you buy a Peter Millar cashmere sweater, you will notice three things: 1) the cashmere is light to the feel, but still maintains a density that lends itself to longer wear; 2) the cuffs and the waist bands are doubleknit so they don't "bag out" over time; and 3) the point of the V in the V neck cashmere sweaters are all hand-sewn to ensure the most desirable appearance.
  • Nanoluxe: These easy-care fabrics are wrinkle resistant and can be cared for in the most simple of ways. This is accomplished by treating cotton with liquid ammonia, which swells the fibers to increase resistance to bending and creasing. The shirts are then cured in a body shape to help retain its normal wearing shape.
  • Fleece: Prized for being both lightweight and warm, fleece is a very soft fabric that comes from domestic sheep or long-haired goats. For this reason, fleece is naturally water resistant and does not shrink.
  • Suede: Softer and more flexible than leather, suede offers the same luxurious effect. For this reason, it offers more options for sport wear than leather, as well as a lighter touch to the skin.

At PatrickJames.com, we want you to be happy with every purchase. When it comes to Peter Millar clothing, knowing your materials and fabrics will ultimately lead you to the right items for you. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us; we'd be happy to help.

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