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Bills Khakis Sport Shirts

With a name like Bills Khakis, it could be easy to assume that the collection begins and end with pants. If you did assume that, however, you would be very far of the mark. The truth is that, while pants might be Bills Khakis signature product, their line of Bills Khakis sport shirts carry the same trademark comfort and quality, combined with a range of styles that appeal to men from all walks of life.

Part of that appeal is due to the variety of prints and materials Bills Khakis sports shirts offer. Let's take a closer look at plaids, chambrays, and checks.

  • Bills Khakis Plaid Sport Shirts: A classic among classics, Bills Khakis plaid sports shirts come in a wide array of colors from earth tones to bright summery colors and everything in between.
  • Bills Khakis Chambray Sport Shirts: Chambray gives the appearance of denim, but that is where the similarities end. In actuality, is chambray is a gingham cloth with a linen finish. The mottled appearance offers casual appeal, which is an ideal complement to the fine-yet-dense weave that guarantees years of wear.
  • Bills Khakis Check Sport Shirts: The number one rule of style is to dress to your size. For instance, if you are larger fellow, opt for prints that are also large so they appear proportionate to you frame. The same goes for gents with smaller frames. To that end Bills Khakis check sport shirts not only come in a spectrum of colors, but also a choice of pattern sizes so you can choose the one that works with your body type the best.

We suggest you take a few moments to view our array of Bills Khakis sport shirts. Should you have any inquiries, our customer service department is always available and ready to help.