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Bills Khakis Chamois Cloth Pants

Bills Khakis casual pants enjoy a well-regarded reputation from coast to coast. While we could dedicate pages to all the details that account for this popularity, we'll instead focus on just one: choice of fabrics and weaves. A prime example can be found in our collection of Bills Khakis Chamois cloth pants.

To understand what makes chamois cloth pants so special, we need to look at the history of chamois. Originally, chamois was (and still is) a type of soft leather made from the skins of goats or sheep. This offers the strength and durability one expects from leather without the weight of leather made from cowhides. Chamois cloth, such as that which is used in Bills Khakis Chamois cloth pants, is made from tightly woven microfiber cotton. This process creates a suede-like finish that is prized for not only its appearance, but also its comfort and durability.

We suggest you take a few moments to peruse our assortment of Bills Khakis chamois cloth pants. If you want additional options, please explore our whole collection of Bills Khakis casual pants, including Bills Khakis twill pants.. Should you have any inquiries, our customer service department is always available and ready to help.